NEWT Pro Release History


August 17th, 2015 – v2.5 Build 295

    • ADDED: Windows 10 recognition.
    • FIXED: Serious Windows 10 compatibility issue.
    • Various other fixes and minor enhancements.

July 12th, 2015 – v2.5 Build 294

    • FIXED: Issue related to Windows BIOS license key detection.
    • FIXED: Uninstall issue preventing the program folder from being deleted.
    • IMPROVED: CPU Temperature detection.
    • Updated MAC Address database.
    • Other various minor enhancements & stability improvements.

March 9th, 2015 – v2.5 Build 293

    • FIXED: IP Discovery issue causing missing devices/PCs.
    •  Hide Row feature is available again.

January 22nd, 2015 – v2.5 Build 292

    • FIXED: Serious bug related to discovery when license count is exceeded or when running in Free Edition mode.
    • Improved discovery efficiency.
    • Various other fixes and minor enhancements.

December 18th 2014 – v2.5 Build 288

    • FIXED: Error 4832 issue.
    • FIXED: Startup delay on some networks.
    • Faster self-digital signature checking.
    • Further improvements to prevent license any erasure issues.
    • Updated MAC Address database.

October 8th 2014 – v2.5 Build 285

    • FIXED: NEWT Pro license reverted to Free Edition mode in some situations.  This should no longer happen.  We profusely apologize to everyone who encountered this issue.  If you have any problems with your license, please contact us:
    • IMPROVED: License key window entry and erasure (under Licensing… through the Help menu)

October 8th 2014 – v2.5 Build 284

    • FIXED: All software install dates should work now.
    • FIXED: Web Updates issue resolved.
    • User communication added.

October 3rd 2014 – v2.5 Build 283

    • FIXED: Execution certificate related issues.
    • Improved license key detection for Office and Windows.

October 1st 2014 – v2.5 Build 282

    • FIXED: Serious issue related to installed software detection.

September 30th 2014 – v2.5 Build 281

    • ADDED: SQL Server 2014, 2012 and 2008 license key detection.
    • ADDED: Operating System Bit type to HTML export.
    • Improved software detection efficiency.
    • Updated MAC Address database.
    • Other various minor enhancements.

September 3rd 2014 – v2.5 Build 279

    • Improved detection of MS Office 2013 and 2010 keys.
    • Improved Windows Product Key & Product ID detection in all Windows versions after XP.
    • BIOS Embedded Windows 8 product key detection.  The embedded BIOS key shown next to the current Windows Product Key if they’re not the same and a BIOS key exists.
    • FIXED: Computer Browser service interference.
    • Various other fixes and minor enhancements.

August 11th 2014 – v2.5 Build 273

    • ADDED: Special logging feature for Office license key debugging.
    • FIXED: An Office 2013 license key issue showing trial keys instead of the licensed product key.
    • Improved the Web Updates feature.
    • Updated MAC Address database.

July 20th 2014 – v2.5 Build 270

    • ADDED: Optional end-of-scan message.
    • ADDED: Threads limit field under the Discovery window.  Setting is not yet saved.
    • FIXED: “Check for updates” was missing under the Help menu.
    • FIXED: Internet Explorer version was reporting incorrectly.
    • Improved Office 2010 license key detection.
    • Improved handling of SCManager error 5 (Access Denied) error.
    • Various other fixes and minor enhancements.

April 29th 2014 – v2.5 Build 265

    • FIXED: Office 2013 keys weren’t being detected in some cases.
    • FIXED: Version issue inside installer.
    • * Fixed logging issue.

March 26th 2014 – v2.5 Build 262

    • ADDED: Windows 8.1 and 2012 R2 Server support.
    • FIXED: Anti-virus detection issues.
    • FIXED: Install was restricted to the C: drive.
    • FIXED: Connection delays due to code errors.
    • * Diagnostic log improvements.
    • * Miscellaneous speed enhancement.
    • * Updated MAC Address database.

August 5th 2013 – v2.5 Build 252

    • * MAJOR IMPROVEMENT: Installed Software detection was re-written from scratch in this build with 3 times faster software inventory.
    • ADDED: Server 2012 detection.
    • ADDED: Office 2013 license key detection support.
    • ADDED: Adobe CS and CS3 through CS5.5 license key detection. CS2 & CS6 is currently unsupported.
    • ADDED: AutoCAD serial number detection.
    • ADDED: Unfiltered Software Scan results option.
    • FIXED: Some Office software wasn’t gathered in instances where they didn’t show in “Add/Remove Programs” in the Windows Control Panel.
    • FIXED: Windows 8 product key detection now works properly.
    • FIXED: Open and Append file dialog issues.
    • FIXED: Logical CPUs field was limited to 8. This should now be unlimited.
    • FIXED: Scan threads were not being set to “Idle” priority.
    • FIXED: Load/Save feature under Scan Properties is now working.
    • * Improved video card detection on servers.
    • * Other various minor enhancements.
    • * Updated MAC Address database.

October 9th 2012 – v2.5 Build 245

    • FIXED: Active Directory browsing issues

October 1st 2012 – v2.5 Build 243

    • ADDED: True local scanning. The local PC is no longer treated as a remote PC during scans.
    • ADDED: “Scan My Computer” button to toolbar.
    • ADDED: Multi-file selection for appending MRFs, saving time when adding multiple MRFs.
    • FIXED: Username now works properly on Vista and higher OS’s.
    • FIXED: Disconnect option wasn’t working properly.
    • FIXED: Occasional critical load errors when appending MRFs.
    • FIXED: “Unix-like” device misdetection.
    • * Manifest is now built in to the executable.
    • * SCManager error was changed to “OpenSCManager” to improve diagnosis of these errors.
    • * Changed fonts in Machine Detail Scan Properties to fix font size issues on some systems.
    • ** Updated MAC Address Vendor database.

June 17th 2012 – v2.5 Build 236

    • FIXED: Last minute web update bug.
    • * Allowed for longer wait times for scan connections.

June 14th 2012 – v2.5 Build 234

    • ** Support Maintenance reminder changed to every 14 days (2 weeks)
    • ADDED: Special debug feature for service & piping issues.
    • FIXED: Large IP range discovery resources issue.
    • FIXED: Removed maintenance check menu for non-licensed users.
    • IMPROVEMENT: More efficient and reliable ADMIN$ share and folder detection.
    • IMPROVEMENT: Improved visual differences between download and maintenance windows.
    • IMPROVEMENT: Future spontaneous “abort” bugs should now be squashed.

May 22nd, 2012 – v2.5 Build 227

    • FIXED: Include Active Directory option is now enabled automatically if a domain is detected.
    • FIXED: Group tab under Discovery & Scanning panel wasn’t showing domains or workgroups properly.
    • FIXED: License key interpretation issues.
    • FIXED: Spontaneous scan abort issue.
    • * Improved Scan Panel to better make Scanning vs. Discovery differences more clear
    • * Improved EOL delimiter detection in MRF files
    • * Support maintenance

May 7th, 2012 – v2.5 Build 226

    • ADDED: Unlicensed user news.
    • FIXED: Remote service issues causing scan stalls in some cases.
    • IMPROVEMENT: PC detection by fixing a NetBIOS detection code bug.

March 5th, 2012 – v2.5 Build 223

    • ADDED: Sanity checks are now performed on Windows Product Keys for Windows Vista and higher.
    • ADDED: Windows 8 compatibility.
    • ADDED: Additional checks during MRF file saving.
    • ADDED: Extra file copy diagnostic information.
    • FIXED: Thread-reentrancy issues, making scans smoother and more system-friendly.
    • FIXED: Rare issues scanning outdated Pentium III servers.
    • FIXED: Sanity check for Office 2010 keys.
    • FIXED: Software Install Path check could give false positives.
    • FIXED: Scan stalling when no software installed on remote PC.
    • * Safe Scan for Servers is now enabled by default.
    • ** Updated MAC Address Vendor database.

December 1st, 2011 – v2.5 Build 216

    • FIXED: Remote Reboot, Shutdown and Physical Drive Health buttons caused NEWT to freeze.
    • FIXED: Windows 2011 Server is now properly detected when scanned. Note, there is a bug in Server 2011 that currently causes it to show up as 2008 until scanned. A work-around is in progress.
    • FIXED: Removed DNS and ping requirements for checking web updates, enabling greater compatibility with proxy servers.
    • FIXED: Removed DNS and ping requirements for Public/Internet IP detection, replaced by a time-out mechanism.

November 11th, 2011 – v2.5 Build 214

    • FIXED: Loading/Saving MRF files on non-Latin language PCs.
    • FIXED: Two minute time outs for retrieving Public IP address on some PCs.

November 2nd, 2011 – v2.5 Build 212

    • FIXED: All matters regarding IP Ranges should now be fixed, including range counts and single IP ranges.
    • FIXED: Default Browser scan item was sometimes incorrect.
    • FIXED: Hot Fixes had localized date issues, giving incorrect dates.
    • FIXED: Hot Fixes should now link to the correct page at Microsoft.
    • FIXED: Hot Fix Duplication on 64-bit Windows Vista/7
    • FIXED: Hard drives and SSDs using AHCI mode weren’t showing serial numbers.
    • FIXED: BIOS Dates weren’t sorting correctly on initial scan.
    • FIXED: IP Address was being detected by each remote PC rather than from the scanning machine, causing incorrect primary IPs from being returned on some multi-homed systems.
    • FIXED: Public IP & Default Browser scan items causing fatal error on rare occasions.
    • FIXED: Versions of IE below 7 weren’t showing under the Software tab.
    • FIXED: Possible issues with NEWTScannerCOM crashes.
    • ** IP Discovery performance improvements.
    • ** Updated MAC Address Vendor database.

August 3rd, 2011 – v2.5 Build 205

    • FIXED: Local scanning issue on some PCs.
    • FIXED: Inaccurate A/V reporting for Sunbelt VIPRE and possibly others.
    • FIXED: Several scan items weren’t available in the exported MS Access database (MDB).
    • IMPROVEMENT: IP Discovery reliability.

June 27th, 2011 – v2.5 Build 202

    • FIXED: Windows Internet Explorer wasn’t being detected under the Software tab.
    • FIXED: Issue scanning local PC with Kaspersky 2012 anti-virus installed.

June 7th, 2011 – v2.5 Build 201

    • FIXED: IP Discovery thread issue causing NEWT to possibly miss some devices.
    • FIXED: Some installed Software entries were being duplicated.
    • IMPROVEMENT: IP Discovery user abort wasn’t being displayed properly.
    • IMPROVEMENT: Services tab is now pre-sorted during scan.
    • IMPROVEMENT: Office 2010 license keys are now verified.
    • Further improved IP Discovery reliability.

May 23rd, 2011 – v2.5 Build 198

    • FIXED: Import feature caused NEWT to stop responding.
    • FIXED: IP Discovery/Scan issue causing possible licensing issues .
    • FIXED: IP Discovery was aborting by the pressing of any key.
    • Further improved SSD (Solid State Drive) detection.

May 12th, 2011 – v2.5 Build 195

    • IMPROVEMENT: RAM Module Type (DIMM, SO-DIMM, RDIMM, etc.) is now detected more reliably under RAM Slots.
    • IMPROVEMENT: Software results are now pre-sorted during the scan.
    • FIXED: Stability issues on servers with ServerWorks chipset.
    • FIXED: On rare occasions, some software packages were shown as being installed, but not showing in Window’s Add/Remove Programs list.
    • FIXED: Accented characters were being filtered out of scan results.
    • FIXED: Current user’s installed software was not being gathered.
    • FIXED: Some Solid State Drives were being detected incorrectly as hard drives.

May 6th, 2011 – v2.5 Build 194

    • IMPROVEMENT: IP Discovery efficiency, lowering CPU usage and allowing faster discovery.
    • IMPROVEMENT: Much faster PC vs. device detection in some cases.
    • FIXED: Setup bug erroneously asking user to reboot.
    • FIXED: Intel Sandy Bridge processor types were parsing incorrectly.

April 30th, 2011 – v2.5 Build 193

    • FIXED: Critical issue regarding Installed Software scanning introduced in build 192.

April 20th, 2011 – v2.5 Build 192

    • IMPROVEMENT: Install Date, Version and Install Path detection has been improved under the Software tab.
    • FIXED: More Microsoft Updates are filtered out of Software results.
    • FIXED: Temporary executable remained in system TEMP after auto-removal of client files.
    • FIXED: Scan issues on some older PCs.
    • FIXED: SNMP Community string was hard-coded to use “public” at all times.
    • FIXED: SNMP option couldn’t be disabled.

March 14th, 2011 – v2.5 Build 187

    • *** IP Discovery has been rewritten from scratch to be faster and more reliable.
    • ADDED: Computer vs Non-PC devices are now more readily detected during scans, preventing unnecessary connections and lessening network interference.
    • ADDED: Options to filter for non-PC devices, Workstations, Servers as well as Linux & Macs for IP Scans/Discoveries.
    • ADDED: Option to update previously discovered assets during IP Discoveries.
    • ADDED: A new Safe Scan feature allows disabling of our driver for sensitive hardware such as servers, improving system stability while sacrificing some data such as CPU temperature, detailed RAM slot info, etc. This option should only be used when necessary.
    • ADDED: Detects SATA-III bus types and 64MB cache properly for hard drives and SSDs.
    • ADDED: Solid State Drive (SSD) detection under Drives-Physical tab.
    • ADDED: MAC Addresses of SNMP devices are now detected via SNMP if available and when other detection methods fail.
    • ADDED: USB 3.0 ports should now be detected properly.
    • ADDED: Acrobat keys for versions 7, 8 and 9 are now detected.
    • FIXED: MS Access MDB Export corruption with non-Latin (DBCS) versions of Windows.
    • FIXED: Malformed NetBIOS packets were being sent to remote devices, preventing NetBIOS info from being returned on some networks and systems.
    • FIXED: Software titles were sometimes duplicated, with the worst offenders being Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010.
    • FIXED: Monitor Manufacturer wasn’t detecting properly on most Windows 7 systems.
    • FIXED: All anti-virus definitions should now be detected properly using Security Center on Vista and Windows 7.
    • FIXED: Errors and crashes when saving scan results in some cases.
    • IMPROVEMENT: The “Required Ping Replies” option under Preferences is disabled by default for new installs. This option is now redundant due to the addition of NetBIOS pings during pre-scans. It’s recommended to disable this option if enabled.
    • REMOVED: Winsock and redundant IP discovery component, reducing distribution file size.
    • REMOVED: Unnecessary options from the IP Discovery panel.

October 25th, 2010 – v2.5 Build 175

    • IMPROVEMENT: NEWT’s Credential Manager now uses a new authentication method when the domain is specified in the username, in the format of “DOMAINUsername” or “”, making domain authentications more reliable. When specifying local credentials, you should not use a backslash () or @ sign as the username.

October 7th, 2010 – v2.5 Build 170

    • IMPROVED: Connection extended error #1208 now returns more useful information.
    • FIXED: A more reliable method is now used to retrieve SNMP info from devices.
    • FIXED: Office 2010 product keys should now detect properly.
    • FIXED: Disconnected network drives were being duplicated under Logical Drives.

August 11th, 2010 – v2.5 Build 164

    • FIXED: Low-level library causing crashes on some servers.
    • FIXED: Scan hang issue due to a possible errant thread.

August 2nd, 2010 – v2.5 Build 162

    • FIXED: Pasting in Credential Manager was showing plain text passwords upon confirmation.
    • FIXED: NetBIOS discovery should work properly on Vista & Windows 7 systems where “Use Active Directory” is enabled in NEWT.
    • UPDATED: Low-level library supporting the latest CPUs and chipsets.
    • UPDATED: MAC Address Vendor database
    • ** Improved error display for service errors.

June 20th, 2010 – v2.5 Build 158

    • FIXED: Vista & Windows 7 caused lengthy stalls in NEWT during program start.

June 3rd, 2010 – v2.5 Build 157

    • FIXED: Critical errors starting threads on larger networks.
    • FIXED: File association causing license key to be deleted.

May 17th, 2010 – v2.5 Build 155

    • FIXED: Scan stalling under certain conditions.
    • FIXED: Component registration issues causing scans to fail after an update.

April 29th, 2010 – v2.5 Build 154

    • Improved Username detection
    • Improved Audio Card detection
    • FIXED: Buffer Size for Physical Drives was not reporting correct values.
    • FIXED: Microsoft Security Essentials now reports properly on Vista & Windows 7 using Windows Security Center.
    • FIXED: Hotfixes were not being detected properly on 64-bit versions of XP and Server 2003.

February 22nd, 2010 – v2.5 Build 153

    • FIXED: IP Discovery stalling issues in some situations.
    • FIXED: Computer Browser error message has been removed.

February 17th, 2010 – v2.5 Build 152

    • FIXED: New zero-footprint techniques prevent some anti-virus software from alerting during automatic client removal.
    • FIXED: Network card-related data detection in Windows 7 as well as improving speed.

February 11th, 2010 – v2.5 Build 150

    • FIXED: Scanner EXE was being falsely identified as a virus by McAfee+Artemis.
    • FIXED: Last logged on username wasn’t being detected properly when no one was logged in.
    • FIXED: Monitor Model was inaccurate on Vista & Windows 7.
    • FIXED: Stalls during IP scans due to licensing issues.
    • FIXED: R2 revisions of Windows 2008 Server were being misidentified as Windows 7.

January 25th, 2010 – v2.5 Build 148

    • FIXED: Debug message popup indicating CPUs are 0.
    • FIXED: Reboot or Shutdown no longer causes NEWT to lock up & also works correctly when no one is logged in.
    • FIXED: Improved Username detection. Returns the true Interactive User (user currently using the mouse/keyboard/monitor) if available. If no interactive user is logged on, the previous logged on user is shown.
    • FIXED: NEWT.dll is no longer required to be extracted on initial startup.

September 17th, 2009 – v2.5 Build 144

    • ADDED: Updates core to the latest CPUs and chipsets.
    • Microsoft components updated to their latest official versions.

July 29th, 2009 – v2.5 Build 143

    • FIXED: IP Range limitation has been removed during trials.
    • FIXED: Additional issue regarding temporary stalls when groups or computers can’t be listed.
    • FIXED: Text repeat issue in the Import menu of the Free Edition.

July 21st, 2009 – v2.5 Build 141

    • ADDED: All Newt-related files are checked for integrity.
    • FIXED: Operational and freeze problems on networks where domains/workgroups/PCs can’t be listed through normal means.
    • FIXED: Issue related to IP Discovery problems after the initial installation.
    • FIXED: Scan icon submenu allowed user to attempt to scan “0 machines”
    • FIXED: Web updates caused erasure of license key in some configurations.
    • IMPROVEMENT: IP Discovery panel has been modified to be more user-friendly.

July 4th, 2009 – v2.5 Build 140

    • As of this update, all licenses now include the first 25 nodes free. This is reflected under in the “About” portion of the Help menu.
    • FIXED: AVG virus definitions weren’t being scanned properly.
    • FIXED: Windows 7 Action Center A/V info wasn’t being reported correctly.
    • Most components are now code signed using Komodo Laboratories authenticated digital certificates, ensuring the user and anti-virus software the software hasn’t been changed and preventing Windows from alerting in a negative fashion.

June 14th, 2009 – v2.5 Build 139

    • FIXED: Issue with uninstaller not removing all installed files properly.

June 10th, 2009 – v2.5 Build 138

    • ADDED: A long-awaited automatic web updates feature so users are alerted to new versions.
    • ADDED: Uninstall now directs user to give feedback through a web form.
    • FIXED: Improved thread management should fix scan stall issues.
    • FIXED: Microsoft Office 2007 duplicates & updates should now be filtered out properly.
    • FIXED: Disconnect issues when scanning from Vista machines.
    • FIXED: Adobe CS3 version products were not shown due to unconventional install techniques used in CS3.
    • FIXED: Software detection bug causing duplicates and hotfixes to appear under the Software tab. It should also more closely match “Add/Remove Programs”.
    • FIXED: IP Addresses couldn’t be sorted under IP Discovery & Scanning
    • FIXED: Virtual Memory data is now accurate and scanned properly.
    • FIXED: Timezone now works properly on Vista & Windows 7.
    • FIXED: When aborting, the number of items left is now correct.
    • FIXED: Aborted machines that haven’t yet scanned indicated they were still queued. This has been fixed.
    • IMPROVEMENT: When installing over previous builds, the installer now asks if the user wishes to keep their old configuration.
    • IMPROVEMENT: Connections to remote PCs no longer instruct Windows to remember the connection. This may further reduce resource usage and increase connection speed.
    • IMPROVEMENT: Minor improvements to exported MS Access database reports.
    • IMPROVEMENT: Checking credentials should be a bit faster.
    • ** NEWTPro.exe & the installer exe is now code signed using an authenticated digital certificate, ensuring the user the code hasn’t been changed and preventing Windows from alerting in a negative fashion.

March 16th, 2009 – v2.5 Build 120

    • ADDED: “Scan Status” column from the Primary tab is now displayed under the “Scan Status” tab to allow easier viewing of length scan status messages. Updates only occur when selecting the row.
    • EMERGENCY FIX: Exit issue wasn’t completely fixed in previous build.

March 12th, 2009 – v2.5 Build 119

    • ADDED: “Scan My Computer” feature under Tools menu.
    • IMPROVEMENT: Made change in connection routines to improve PC connection procedure.
    • IMPROVEMENT: When scanning just one PC, scan speed and copy speeds are set to high settings.
    • FIXED: Ping was broken in build 116. Added ping status, i.e. “(attempt 2 of 5)”
    • FIXED: In rare specific circumstances, Newt was not fully exiting.

March 9th, 2009 – v2.5 Build 116

    • IMPROVEMENT: Stock Mhz. should now be more reliable.
    • IMPROVEMENT: Publisher and Version detection under the Software tab was made more reliable.
    • FIXED: Detection issues concerning “Maximum RAM Speed”
    • FIXED: Network Browser collapse/expand redraw issue.
    • FIXED: Pinging issues when scanning from Vista or Windows 7.
    • FIXED: A rare install issue can cause scans to fail. As a temporary measure, a message box will show letting the user know NEWT will attempt to fix the error itself.

January 15th, 2009 – v2.5 Build 108

    • IMPROVEMENT: Scan speed increased by 25% to 50% by removing the need to pre-scan low-level items.
    • IMPROVEMENT: Network bandwidth reduced to less than half, from 50KB per second to about 20KB per second.
    • IMPROVEMENT: Scanning CPU usage decreased by over 30%.
    • ADDED: More information now gathered from XP thin clients when WMI is unavailable. This includes the serial number.
    • ADDED: Disconnect option in Preferences to instruct NEWT to disconnect from machines after scanning each individual machine.
    • ADDED: Support for Windows 7.
    • ADDED: “Clear Scan Results Data” feature under Tools menu.
    • ADDED: A way to suggest features or other improvements from the Help menu.
    • FIXED: Serious lock up issues with all ServerWorks chipsets.
    • FIXED: Windows 2008 was being detected as Vista.
    • FIXED: Vista icons were displayed incorrectly in Primary tab.
    • FIXED: “Skip Broadcast IPs” was not working properly.
    • FIXED: Selecting and scanning domains under Network Browser wasn’t working properly.
    • FIXED: A copy of the Program Files folder was being created during first application execution.
    • FIXED “~IS” issue with Machine Name during IP Discoveries on some networks.

December 4th, 2008 – v2.5 Build 79

    • EMERGENCY FIX: RAM Slot detection was causing some newer machines to reboot.

September 17th, 2008 – v2.5 Build 78

    • FIXED: 64-bit software was not being detected.
    • FIXED: Group and OS Type were not scanning properly.
    • FIXED: Errors saving scans with large row counts.
    • FIXED: Client was creating extraneous folders inside the system32. These will also now be removed automatically.
    • IMPROVEMENT: Video-related, Monitor Aspect Ratio, BIOS, Audio Card detection are all more reliable, especially on Vista.
    • IMPROVEMENT: Screen Saver displays description info in addition to file name

July 28th, 2008 – v2.5 Build 75

    • FIXED: License issue preventing the software to exit properly after entering license key.

July 23rd, 2008 – v2.5 Build 74

    • FIXED: Time out issue with Public IP detection on some systems using IE proxy settings.

July 22nd, 2008 – v2.5 Build 73

    • FIXED: Serious issue causing debug messages to appear during scanning.

July 17th, 2008 – v2.5 Build 72

    • ADDED: “Open Append” under the File menu to allow adding previously saved scans to current scan results. Duplicate nodes are currently skipped.
    • ADDED: “Install Path” under Software tab now checks for file and path existence. If the file isn’t found, the prefix is “EXE not found (path ok):” If the file and path aren’t found, then “EXE nor path was found:” shows before the path. This is a temporary addition and may be changed to a True/False field in the future.
    • FIXED: Hot Fixes are now gathered in Vista.
    • FIXED: Physical Drives were not being detected under certain versions of Vista.
    • FIXED: Empty USB drives were not being reported under Physical Drives.
    • FIXED: SATA vs. IDE drives are now detected properly.
    • FIXED: Manufacturer and Device Name’s under Physical Drives are now separate.
    • FIXED: Scan “dot” Grid wasn’t being fill properly.
    • FIXED: “Scan by Group” was not functioning.
    • FIXED: MRF files with higher node counts than licensed counts can now be loaded up to the number of owned licenses.
    • FIXED: Bug in monitor detection causing monitors to appear powered off to the scan engine
    • FIXED: Monitor Manufacturer now displayed properly
    • FIXED: Monitor Maximum Resolution and Aspect Ratio detection improved
    • FIXED: Running application a second time caused all instances to quit.
    • FIXED: Problems quitting NEWT using File/Exit and when exiting Windows.
    • FIXED: Renaming a machine under Machine Specific Credentials using F2 caused an app. crash if it already existed.
    • FIXED: “Scan All Machines” wasn’t working properly.
    • FIXED: Excel (XLS) export created a corrupt file with the first machine missing.
    • **** REMOVED: “Affected Files” column under Hot Fixes slowed scan, took up too much space and served no useful purpose.

May 20th, 2008 – v2.5 Build 68

    • ADDED: AVG 8.0, Microsoft OneCare Live Antivirus and McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.5 definition detection
    • ADDED: Added integrity check for remote client files to aid in virus detection. If one of the remote files change, NEWT will alert through the GUI and show which machines may be infected.
    • ADDED: Preliminary Reboot/Shutdown and Wake-On-LAN feature. There are no options yet and shutdown/reboots are currently forced, meaning if there are any open documents, they will not be saved. This will be expanded later.
    • ADDED: Experimental feature to gather user’s “My Documents” and “Desktop” folder sizes from their respective profile.
    • FIXED: “Stray” data filtering during MRF loads. Some older versions left machines on other tabs after deleting machines. These are now checked for and filtered out.
    • FIXED: Save errors regarding MRF files.
    • FIXED: Aborting during scans is now more reliable.
    • FIXED: Selective export caused runtime error.
    • FIXED: Machine names with hyphens are now sorted properly.
    • IMPROVEMENT: Faster intial scan preperation.
    • IMPROVEMENT: Better System temperature detection.
    • IMPROVEMENT: Saving scan results (MRF) now checked using a quick verify routine.

March 1st, 2008 – v2.5 Build 62

    • FIXED: Serious issue causing low-level items to take upwards of 1 minute. Now reduced to 10-20 seconds, increasing overall scan speed.
    • FIXED: Service was creating a log on remote machines. This build 62 will remove the log on the next scan.
    • FIXED: Service pack and other scan items weren’t reading properly on 64-bit Vista.
    • FIXED: Clock Variance is now properly detected.

February 25th, 2008 – v2.5 Build 61

    • ADDED: True CPU temperature. On multiple core or multiple CPUs, the temperature is an average of all cores and/or CPUs.
    • ADDED: System and GPU temperatures. (System temperature is used for CPU temperature when the CPU temperature is unavailable)
    • ADDED: Hard drive Health buttons (under Drives-Physical tab) have been re-enabled (Warranty & Raw Value columns added as well)
    • ADDED: “Power Cycles” and “Powered On Duration” under Physical Drives, useful for determining age and usage.
    • ADDED: Installed RAM. This is the true amount of RAM installed vs. Phys.Mem (what’s available to the OS)
    • ADDED: Single page sample report in exported database.
    • FIXED: Crashing and hanging issues on some systems during program startup.
    • FIXED: Hard drive Health showed BAD for drives that were OK.
    • FIXED: Physical Memory issues with some operating systems.
    • FIXED: Serious issue related to empty main system keys in MS Access database exporting.
    • FIXED: Scan by IP sometimes caused machines not to be scanned or the wrong ones to be scanned.
    • CHANGED: Default Ping count limits on discovery and scanning are now 5 instead of 3.
    • CHANGED: Free number of nodes increased from 10 to 25.

February 1st, 2008 – v2.5 Build 57

    • FIXED: Demo was indicated even though the product was correctly licensed.

January 30th, 2008 – v2.5 Build 56

    • FIXED: Minor issue related to licensing.

January 25th, 2008 – v2.5 Build 55

    • ADDED: Default Credentials to the Credential Manager window.
    • FIXED: “Entire Network” could not be browsed under the Network Browser.

January 22nd, 2008 – v2.5 Build 54

    • ADDED: Option for detail client deployment information.
    • FIXED: If the “Expand Computers Near Me” is disabled in Preferences, group listing is also disabled on startup.
    • FIXED: MS Access (MDB) export issue that caused missing data.
    • FIXED: If listing computers and groups on program start takes longer then 20 seconds, user is asked if they wish to disable it.
    • CHANGED: Option for listing LAN PCs and Groups (Computers Near Me) is turned off by default to speed program start on some networks.

January 11th, 2008 – v2.5 Build 51

    • FIXED: Vista UAC (User Account Control) caused NEWT to function improperly due to a rights issue. Vista now prompts for administrator privileges when UAC is turned on. This only affects the local machine NEWT is scanning from. A less intrusive fix is planned.

January 1st, 2008 – v2.5 Build 50

    • ADDED: End of trial customer feedback option.

November 25th, 2007 – v2.5 Build 49

    • FIXED: An issue with trial keys would inevitably cause unpredictable behavior on some systems.

November 19th, 2007 – v2.5 Build 48

    • FIXED: Data truncation issue caused Microsoft Access (MDB) export to fail.
    • FIXED: “Object(s) total” and “Object(s) selected” issue could cause inability to export CSV and other file types.
    • FIXED: IP Discovery “host unreachable” Vista issue causing all IPs to return.
    • FIXED: “Scan Grid” is now cleared when starting a new scan.
    • FIXED: Aborting file load caused key toolbar buttons to be disabled.
    • IMPROVEMENT: Remote client file update is now more informative.

November 5th, 2007 – v2.5 Build 47

  • ADDED: Up to 50 times faster scanning using multiple threads.
  • ADDED: New scan method virtually eliminates all remote registry & WMI errors.
  • ADDED: Bandwidth usage has been reduced by many times, making WAN inventory less intrusive.
  • ADDED: Automatic Service and Worker removal on remote computers, set by number of days since last scan.
  • ADDED: Preliminary Vista support (not all scan items are yet available & v2.5 is not recommended for scanning from Vista)
  • ADDED: Added Temperature for IDE/SATA drives under Physical Drives
  • ADDED: Hints for some common scan errors. These are located on the right-side of the error under the “Scan Status” within the Primary tab.
  • ADDED: Battery information (for laptops, USB connnected UPS’s, etc.) which may aid in battery recalls.
  • ADDED: Motherboard Serial & System Version scan items to help further identify computers.
  • ADDED: “R2″ detection for Windows 2003 Server. Shows under both “Service Pack” & “OS Type (WMI)” columns.
  • ADDED: “OS Bit Type” item (32-bit and 64-bit Windows detection)
  • ADDED: OEM Manufacturer & Model scan items. Gathered from oeminfo.ini in Windows’ System32 folder on XP and below, and from the registry on Vista (attempts oeminfo.ini if registry entries aren’t available)
  • ADDED: USB Version detection (1.x, 2.0)
  • ADDED: Current CPU Mhz. detection (useful for determining if power-saving/throttling features are enabled for the CPU by comparing to the stock Mhz. column)
  • ADDED: Kaspersky 5.x, Avast 4.x and Norton 2007 antivirus definitions
  • ADDED: Windows Security Center Antivirus scanning for XP SP2 and up. NEWT now scans Security Center and displays it if no known definitions are found. Otherwise this information is shown under Comments as a confirmation to what Windows detects as the main Antivirus software.
  • ADDED: A more informative Service Description to the “NEWTScanner Service” on remote machines
  • FIXED: Long scan times with some machines where SQL Server is installed no longer occurs.
  • FIXED: IP Address mangle issues when loading previously saved scans in non-US countries.
  • FIXED: Installing no longer causes issues with DEP (Data Execution Prevention) in Windows.
  • FIXED: “OS Type (DB)” renamed to “OS Type”. It’s been redesigned from scratch, so there are no more “Contact author” messages.
  • FIXED: Loading & Saving MRF files is now faster and more reliable with large scans.
  • FIXED: Non-US countries showed December 30th, 1899 as an expiration date with permanent keys.
  • FIXED: Windows Product Key now gathered properly for remote machines running 64-bit Vista.
  • FIXED: “Credential Manager” button under Preferences no longer shows fatal “Modal” error.
  • FIXED: “Add Machine Manually” (pull-down next to blue Discover button) should no longer cause fatal errors.
  • FIXED: Office 2007 under the Software tab now wasn’t showing up in previous versions.

August 14th, 2006 – v2.0 Build 2309

    • ADDED: Newly updated MAC Address database as of August 14th, 2006
    • IMPROVED: More accurate Primary Network Adapter detection
    • FIXED: CPU Mhz is now rounded properly and is therefore more accurate

July 10th, 2006 – v2.0 Build 2308

  • FIXED: Serious issues relating to Access database exporting.
  • FIXED: Using DEL (Delete) key in Credential Manager wasn’t allowed when editing credentials.
  • FIXED: Editing a field now causes NEWT® to be aware of changes and therefore asks to save when quitting.
  • FIXED: Canceling by hitting ESC deleted the last row in Primary tab.
  • FIXED: NEWT® no longer causes a tamper alert in Symantec Corporate Edition.

May 22nd, 2006 – v2.0 Build 2307

  • FIXED: Major issue concerning incorrect Monitor information, including Type (LCD/CRT) and display size.
  • FIXED: A message box showing “Custom/Empty” sometimes occurred during credential checks.

April 10th, 2006 – v2.0 Build 2306

  • FIXED: Minor issue causing NEWT® to take over the Windows copy/paste function during start up.

April 10th, 2006 – v2.0 Build 2305

  • FIXED: File export verification issues.
  • FIXED: Japanese Windows and other eastern versions of Windows (DBCS) now work properly with the NEWT® licensing system.
  • FIXED: Less CPU time used when scanning from XP machines
  • CHANGED: Exec.exe change to NEWTExec.exe + internal changes made to satisfy future anti-virus & anti-spyware requirements

March 27th, 2006 – v2.0 Build 2302

  • ADDED: SNMP Detection (IP Discovery) was moved from experimental features to always available to give access to more users. Even though it still needs work, we believe it’s usable.
  • ADDED: New variant of Sophos Antivirus
  • ADDED: Antivirus Definitions for Sophos Anti-Virus, McAfee Managed VirusScan, Microsoft AntiSpyware, Microsoft Windows Defender (formerly Microsoft AntiSpyware) and Grisoft AVG
  • ADDED: Updated McAfee VirusScan for version 10.x
  • ADDED: Additional machine verification for credential checks; sends a Windows API command to verify the remote machine is responding.
  • ADDED: Autowidth columns after loading files (enabled by default)
  • ADDED: CPU Bit Type, determines a CPU supports 64-bit instructions or only 32-bit. This and other some other CPU-related items take no extra time to gather.
  • ADDED: Show Updates sub-option to Software scan item. Disabling causes hotfixes not to be shown, increasing scan speed. Disabled by default as these items are duplicated in the Hot Fixes tab. Acts in the same way as “Show Updates” in Add/Remove Programs under Windows Control Panel.
  • ADDED: RAM Channel Mode (Single, Single Only, Dual Channel)
  • ADDED: Max. Supported RAM speed for current CPU. Useful for determining if installed RAM is optimal.
  • ADDED: Resolved Hostname during IP Discovery and scanning.
  • ADDED: Industry Mhz. to Speed column under RAM Slots tab (533 mhz. = PC-533, 667 mhz. = PC-667)
  • ADDED: Motherboard Chipset & Motherboard Southbridge scan items
  • ADDED: Group editing to Credential Manager. Now multiple machines credentials can be edited at the same time either from the Primary tab or inside Credential Manager.
  • ADDED: Check Access button to Credential Manager
  • ADDED: Edit menu to Credential Manager
  • ADDED: WMI error is now shown during credential checks and scanning.
  • ADDED: “Remove License” feature under Help/Licensing…
  • ADDED: Enable Experimental Features option added to Preferences/Interface/Miscellaneous
  • FIXED: Hanging and “during” bugs while scanning
  • FIXED: “Out of memory” issue when saving & verifying larger scans.
  • FIXED: “Illegal use” error during scans.
  • FIXED: The rare occurrences Exec.exe becomes hung, taking up valuable CPU time. A temporary fix has been implemented ending the “exec.exe” task if running when it shouldn’t be.
  • FIXED: High CPU usage between each machine during scan.
  • FIXED: Some non-IDE/SATA drives showed as “BAD” under the “Drives-Physical” tab.
  • FIXED: Dell Motherboard and System Manufacturer showed inconsistent variations such as “Dell Corp.”, “Dell Inc.”, etc.
  • FIXED: CPU Type and CPU Core Type was inconsistent and inaccurate on some dual core processors.
  • FIXED: SATA drives were being misidentified as IDE under Physical Drives.
  • FIXED: Unlimited site licenses are now indicated properly.

December 12th, 2005 – v2.0 Build 2284

  • ADDED: Asset Tag scan item under System information
  • ADDED: NIC Speed Max. scan item retrieval. This shows the highest speed in mpbs (10, 100, 1,000) the Primary Network Adapter is capable of. Useful when comparing against “NIC Speed”, which is the current speed.
  • ADDED: CPU Core Type scan item determines the CPU core type (Single Core, Dual Core)
  • ADDED: NULL Session option to IP Discovery and machine scanning to retrieve the Operating System without a need for credentials.
  • ADDED: Option to use the IP address rather than the Machine Name for scanning remote networks where Name Resolution is not shared.
  • ADDED: Preliminary SNMP detection added to IP Discovery
  • ADDED: DHCP server discovery as an experimental feature. Enabled by RIGHT-clicking on “OK” in the “Help/About…” window.
  • ADDED: Wake-On-LAN support as an experimental feature. Enabled by RIGHT-clicking on “OK” in the “Help/About…” window.
  • CHANGED: SNMP and DHCP Server discovery relegated to experimental features until they’re complete. They can be activated by RIGHT-clicking the “OK” button after choosing About… under the Help menu.
  • CHANGED: IP Discovery timeout is now in milliseconds instead of seconds.
  • IMPROVED: IP Discovery no longer needs cleanup time on large IP ranges.
  • IMPROVED: IP Discovery uses less CPU time and discovery speed was increased through various internal changes.
  • IMPROVED: CPU Type uses a more reliable method and should now match CPU-Z.
  • IMPROVED: Scan speed increased by at least 10%.
  • FIXED: Discovering of IP ranges over 65,000 was not possible.
  • FIXED: MAC Address Owner database updated. No MACs should show as “Unknown”
  • FIXED: “Class B” and “Class C” buttons under IP Discovery were not affecting IP list ranges when clicked.
  • FIXED: Network Gateway and DNS Servers now show all IP addresses for DHCP and/or manual entries (static) when necessary.
  • FIXED: Some machines would show “Success” under the Primary tab’s “Scan Status” column when an error occurred.
  • FIXED: Thread limit issues related to IP discovery. Large range discoveries should now complete properly.
  • FIXED: Loading IP ranges in IP Discovery window would not load the first IP range from the file.
  • FIXED: Some MAC Addresses would result in a trailing question mark and were therefore incomplete.
  • FIXED: Default Password under Preferences is now hidden and shows asterisks instead of actual password.
  • FIXED: NEWT® now works properly on all Windows 64-bit operating systems.
  • FIXED: Disconnection options under Preferences caused unexpected behavior during scans.
  • FIXED: The “Increased MTU compatibility” option under Preferences was not being saved.
  • FIXED: All RAM Slots showed “empty” on some machines. A more informative error should now show instead.
  • FIXED: RAM Slots count detection improved on machines that contain or report 3 slots.
  • FIXED: In some situations, Linux machines on the network may cause the Network Browser to show all machines as “Samba”. This seems to be a Windows issue, but NEWT® should now scan these properly even though they initially show as “Samba”.
  • FIXED: Saving MRF files should be more stable.
  • FIXED: Exporting CSV caused “Out of string space” error for large scans.
  • FIXED: Exporting MS Access (MDB) files is more robust and should not cause fatal errors.

August 24th, 2005 – v2.0 Build 2274

  • ADDED: Internet/Public IP Address retrieval using a web site that identifies and contains the IP. This is the external IP address used by the Internet to identify users. Several sites offer this data and can be set up on your own site using the REMOTE_ADDR Server Side Include (SSI) HTML command. We’ve set up a special URL for our users called, and is used by NEWT® Pro as default. This URL can be changed through Preferences if needed. This item can also verify the Internet is accessible from a remote system by displaying the correct data. An error results when NEWT® can’t access the specified URL.
  • FIXED: Scanning could stall up to 4 minutes for offline machines.
  • FIXED: IP Discovery/Scanning left system handles during discovery. Instability problems would occur on large 5,000+ IP ranges.
  • FIXED: Enabling the Scan NetBIOS option under Preferences invariably caused hung scans.
  • FIXED: Disabling the Require Ping option under Preferences prevented a scan from starting.
  • FIXED: Accessing Scan and Discover toolbar button menus could delay program responsiveness.
  • FIXED: Last IPC$ connection now disconnects properly
  • FIXED: WINS Servers were not detected when given by a DHCP server.

August 3rd, 2005 – v2.0 Build 2270

  • ADDED: New scan item UUID (Universal Unique Identifier) using WMI under System items.
  • ADDED: New scan item Machine SID (Security Identifier) under Windows items.
  • ADDED: New scan items WINS Servers, WINS LMHOSTS Enabled, and WINS NetBIOS Setting under Network items.
  • ADDED: Windows XP 64-bit Edition is now detected as a “real time” OS Type.
  • FIXED: Temporary agent would cause the ExecSvc service to generate General Protect Faults on some remote machines.
  • FIXED: RAM Slots detection has been improved. Some machines would show “No SMBus interface found”
  • FIXED: “Worker timed out” on Status and Machine Name.
  • FIXED: Some Network Adapter information including IP Type, Gateway, Subnet Mask and DNS Server items inaccurate on some machines.
  • FIXED: Video Resolution and Video Refresh fields were switched in the Machine Details window.
  • FIXED: Strange behavior when scanning an IP range with “Clear Previous Results” turned off and no new machines were found.
  • FIXED: Microsoft Exchange now shows Product Key (CD Key) under the Software tab.
  • FIXED: McAfee antivirus software was detecting the NEWTScanner.exe as the “W32/Kelvir.worm.gen” virus. Corrected using a new polymorphic engine.

April 5th, 2005 – v2.0 Build 2262

  • FIXED: Numeric machine names were being mislabeled when an MRF was reloaded back in NEWT®.
  • CHANGED: Default Scan Item Timeout under Preferences changed back to 120 seconds due to 30 seconds causing scan issues.

March 24th, 2005 – v2.0 Build 2261

  • FIXED: Serious stalling issue when an item timeout occurred during a scan.
  • FIXED: Help/Technical Support & Forums command did not work properly.
  • CHANGED: Default Scan Item Timeout under Preferences changed from 120 seconds to 30 seconds.

March 21th, 2005 – v2.0 Build 2260

  • FIXED: Default Password in Preferences now show asterisks instead of showing the password in plain view. This is also reflected in the NEWTPro.cfg file.
  • FIXED: Clicking on a button column in the Primary tab took the user to the wrong tab.
  • FIXED: The following Microsoft Access export error has been corrected:
    “Run-time error ‘3705’: Operation is not allowed when object is open”
  • CHANGED: Help/Request Evaluation License… menu now sends user to the website for request input.
  • ADDED: This Changes text file.

March 14th, 2005 – v2.0 Build 2259

    • Initial 2.0 release

December 7th, 2003 – v1.0

  • Initial v1.0 release