Purchase by Credit Card


We take Purchase Orders directly.
To buy with a purchase order, please contact sales@komodolabs.com
Additional discounts are also available for qualifying non-profit organizations.
To buy using any major credit card, please use one of the links below.
License keys should be delivered immediately or within a few minutes of your order.

All purchases include 1 free year of support.
FREE Lifetime Upgrades are also included!

(1 network node = any device or PC with an IP address)

Please contact us right away if you have any problems ordering.

N/ANew, Lower
Simplified Pricing
New Customer
License Purchase
Add-On License
(existing customers)
N/A$19550 nodes + (25 free)50 Node Add On
N/A$295100 nodes + (25 free)100 Node Add On
N/A$395150 nodes + (25 free)150 Node Add On
N/A$495200 nodes + (25 free)200 Node Add On
N/A$595250 nodes + (25 free)250 Node Add On
N/A$695300 nodes + (25 free)300 Node Add On
N/A$795350 nodes + (25 free)350 Node Add On
N/A$895400 nodes + (25 free)400 Node Add On
N/A$995450 nodes + (25 free)450 Node Add On
N/A$1095500 nodes + (25 free)500 Node Add On
N/A$1195550 nodes + (25 free)550 Node Add On
N/A$1295600 nodes + (25 free)600 Node Add On
N/A$1395650 nodes + (25 free)650 Node Add On
N/A$1495700 nodes + (25 free)700 Node Add On
N/A$1595750 nodes + (25 free)750 Node Add On
N/A$1695800 nodes + (25 free)800 Node Add On
N/A$1795850 nodes + (25 free)850 Node Add On
N/A$1895900 nodes + (25 free)900 Node Add On
N/A$1995950 nodes + (25 free)950 Node Add On
N/A$20951000 nodes + (25 free)1000 Node Add On

For node licenses over 1,000 please contact our sales department
for additional discounts.