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Title: Non-NT Support
Post by: bhartung on October 24, 2005, 10:15:32 AM

I\'m demoing your product and am very interested. I currently have Track-IT but find it has become a victim of feature-creep and less dependable.

The demo discovered several of my Win9x systems and the scan process gave this status...

       Win9x/ME and other non-NT based machines are not yet                                                                                              supported.

This message implies eventual support. Is this being actively pursued or is it a wishlist item?

Title: Non-NT Support
Post by: Komodo Support on October 25, 2005, 11:24:14 AM
Hi.  We do intend to support other OS\'s like Win9x/ME, Linux and Macintosh, but it is more on the wishlish right now.

We have several other great features in the works however.  Their priorities are based on the most requested.

As we add new functionality, we\'ll try not to induce feature-creep.

We\'re not advertising it yet, but you can request a trial key to try NEWT on your entire network for 30-days using the following form:

Title: Non-NT Support
Post by: bhartung on October 25, 2005, 04:27:15 PM

I\'ve been playing around with the 10 user eval and I have some questions.

I have around 100 Servers and PCs. A typical scan time I\'ve been seeing for gathering the full amount of information is about 2-3 minutes. Obviously it will take a substantial amount of time to generate scans of all systems.

I see that if I scan 2 systems and then choose to either save them or export them, I can only deal with the currently scanned units. This makes queries like evaluating operating system distribution impractical.

I can save them one at a time, which wouldn\'t be a bad thing necessarily, if there was a way to retrieve them all at the same time for evaluation.

Is there an easy way to accumulate scans over time and be able to re-load these scans in a single command back into Newt?
Title: Non-NT Support
Post by: Komodo Support on October 26, 2005, 11:16:40 AM
Currently it should take about 30-40 seconds on average to scan machines on a 100-base LAN.  We are looking to improve speed in a future version, but it shouldn\'t take 2-3 minutes per machine unless you\'re scanning a WAN.

I\'m not sure I understand your problem completely, but normally you discover many machines, populating the Primary tab with all of them.  Even if you scan just a couple machines, you should still be able to export the entire list, even though most machines haven\'t yet been scanned.  You\'ll have many fields with no data, but fields like Operating System should show just fine.  This should allow you to see your OS distribution with no problem.  In fact you wouldn\'t need to scan any machines to see the OS.

There\'s definitely a way to accumulate scans over time and re-load them.  At any time after the Primary tab is populated, before or after scanning, you can save a proprietary file called an \"MRF\", accessible from the File menu under Save As...  All related information to each machine will also be saved.  When discovering new machines you\'ll want to make sure \"Clear Previous Results\" is turned off under the Discovery/Scan panel.  Dragging machines from the Network Browser (the left pane in NEWT) will automatically keep previously discovered machines intact in the Primary tab.

If you\'re still having problems, please contact support@komodolabs.com and we\'ll help you with one-on-one service.

If you\'d like a 100 user/node trial to use for 30 days, please contact sales@komodolabs.com.
Title: Non-NT Support
Post by: bhartung on October 27, 2005, 01:18:34 PM
I did play around with saving scans in MRF files. It works fine for recalling data without having to rescan the workstation. However, when you reload the file, it clears any information that currently is displayed in NEWT.

Let\'s say I want to list all PCs to see if they have VNC installed on them and which version. On any given day, some PCs will not be turned on for a variety of reasons so I will wind up with an incomplete list.

I\'m thinking if over time you save each PC to it\'s own MRF file and NEWT was capable of loading multiple MRF files simultaneously,  that would give me the analysis I\'m looking for.

Is that possible?
Title: Non-NT Support
Post by: Komodo Support on October 27, 2005, 02:13:49 PM
There seems to still be some misunderstanding.  Let\'s see if we can clear this up.

You want to have just one MRF file for all your machines.  Think of the MRF as a master list (and results) of all your devices.  You want to keep one list, not many, this would be an organizational nightmare.

Let\'s say you scan or discover your entire network, then save the MRF for later use.  The next time you want to see if there are any new machines, you need to load that MRF, then discover new machines.  NEWT should only add new machines.  Any previously found machines will not be added.  This way you can keep your data more up to date.  This is how most of our users work.

We\'re working on direct database support, but for now you\'ll need to reload the MRF and discover, then save over it to add new machines to the file.  There is no way to merge MRF\'s at this time.

Might this work ok for you?