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Title: Free/Pro Datasheet?
Post by: coyo7e on June 27, 2007, 07:10:29 PM
Hello, and thanks for releasing such a helpful product; it saved me from embarassment today while I was on the phone with someone at a remote office, who for some reason had their computer\'s name different than what I looked up via reverse DNS lookup..  I would have sat there for a long time on the phone trying to walk someone through looking up their computer name otherwise! :cool:

So anyway, another guy on my Organization\'s IT Team had given me this software to play with a while ago, and I\'m speaking with our Administrator about possibly purchasing the Professional version. \"Get me a data sheet with the differences between the free and pro versions are, since we\'ll definitely need pro.\"

...I went to your website, and clicked the link for Pro vs Free, and \"Sorry this page is under construction.\"

As a IT professional I can totally understand the how, why, etc. However, if you perhaps had a PDF or something which contained the data which might have been on this web page, I\'d be extremely grateful; we really do want to get the professional version of your product, and with two members of our IT team rallying for it, all we need is something to convince administration! :(
Title: Free/Pro Datasheet?
Post by: Komodo Support on June 27, 2007, 10:10:08 PM
We\'re very happy NEWT is able to make your life easier!

Because we\'ve been concentrating all our resources to the *new* NEWT Pro 2.5, we haven\'t been able to create a list showing differences between 2.5 and 2.0, but we may be able to create something quickly and send it to you through email.

The differences are basically that NEWT Pro is actively being developed (so there are less bugs and better data accuracy),  it lets you scan about 180 *more* useful items than the Freeware version  (see NEWT Pro\'s screenshot pages (http://www.komodolabs.com/newtpro_screens.shtml)), you can load and save scan results for recall later, selectively scan which machines you want to add to the list for scanning, and perform IP Range Discoveries.  I\'m sure there are others I\'m missing, but those are the major differences.

May we ask the node count you\'re looking at purchasing?  In other words, the total number of machines in your network you want to scan.
Title: Free/Pro Datasheet?
Post by: coyo7e on June 28, 2007, 06:46:52 PM
Thanks for the reply, to answer your question, we have something more than 300  nodes ranging from W2k servers and workstations,  a large numebr of XP pro stations, 2003 servers, some different linux distro machines in production or test environments, and maybe a couple dozen Vista machines.

One question I was wondering about; is the licensing for your software a per-user, per-site, etc? We would like to use a copy on each of our several IT Dept. members\' machines, however we are a nonprofit so we would probably be forced to just put it up on a single machine (and remote into it) if it\'s a per-user/seat licensing scheme.

I appreciate the reply; I thought perhaps you might have a PDF sitting around somewhere which hadn\'t been tossed up online yet. ;)
Title: Free/Pro Datasheet?
Post by: Komodo Support on June 29, 2007, 12:18:27 PM
No problem.  We should be able to create something for you today.

Licensing on NEWT Pro is generally per site, or rather per site if on the same network, so we don\'t mind if a few use it at one location, but the more users involved, the higher our support cost.  A few users at one location isn\'t bad, but several indicates possibly 7 or more.  That could tax our support as if we were supporting 7 users.  So if you\'d like more than 3 IT people at one site to use it, that they come to you for questions as much as possible.  In the future we plan to add a central repository so other users wouldn\'t need to scan, but only look at data.  This way, our support time should be very low for a few additional users.  If you\'re the only one who scans and you save your scan results to a shared drive so others can load it, I don\'t think it would be a major problem.

If we had a list of differences, it would go up, but unfortunately we do not.  We will build something for you today, even if it\'s a little rough.  You should have it by the end of the day through the email address you signed up with in the forums.
Title: Free/Pro Datasheet?
Post by: coyo7e on June 29, 2007, 01:45:02 PM
Thanks much! :)
Title: Free/Pro Datasheet?
Post by: Komodo Support on June 29, 2007, 05:38:11 PM
You\'re welcome.  You should now have the PDF in your email.  If not, please let us know.