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Title: UN-able to Scan
Post by: mmpulubusi on December 16, 2016, 04:09:05 AM
Hi Team.

I have a problem with my NEWT professional v2.5 software.
I am not able to get information on some machines despite being able to ping them. Is there any support features am supposed to upload or any changes am supposed to make on the software?

what can cause some machines not to display its data?

Thanks and regards,
Innocent Mpulubusi.
Title: Re: UN-able to Scan
Post by: Komodo Support on December 16, 2016, 12:49:24 PM
Hello there.  I can help.

What's great about our software is that you only need to get ADMIN$ access to the remote PC you're wanting to scan.  So if you're able to first get to the remote machine in just Windows itself using \\ComputerName, and then you're also able to get to \\ComputerName\ADMIN$.  Then you should be able to scan it just fine.  Other solutions require WMI and even remote registry.  We've tried to simply this greatly by only requiring ADMIN$ access.

Does that help at all?  If not, if you could copy/paste me the error under the "Scan Status" column by clicking on it using the right-mouse menu, I can usually tell users how to fix the problem.  We want to add a help system at some point.
Title: Re: UN-able to Scan
Post by: surenksm2000 on October 10, 2017, 07:11:44 AM
While trying to scan from NEWT am getting the error 1061 scan stopped and Couldn't resolve with hostname
Title: Re: UN-able to Scan
Post by: Komodo Support on October 11, 2017, 09:07:19 PM
Hi, error 1061 means that the "service cannot accept control messages at this time".   Quoting Microsoft's website, that "There is a temporary mismatch between the requested control and the state of the service to be controlled. The service may be in a state of start-pending, stop-pending, or stopped."

Their solution says to wait a few minutes and try again, but I'm assuming you've done that before posting on our forums.

This issue can be caused by some anti-virus software.  May I ask which one you're using?