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Apologies for the delay!

We found this idea very interesting and we'll definitely keep it in mind when we get to that point.  There are so many other issues we need to tackle, it may be some time before we're ready to delve into this much further.  It is a really good idea though.  Thank you!
Export DHCP leases through a powershell command:

Here's how I see it working:
Complete a subnet scan in Slitheris (or maybe this is better for NEWT given current capabilities)
Slitheris/NEWT send a remote powershell command to the DHCP server to export the DHCP leases from the same scope.
Slitheries/NEWT imports those leases into the Slitheris/NEWT database
Slitheries/NEWT compares the MAC/IP address info discovered by Slitheris/NEWT to the MAC/IP info from the DHCP Server
The items that match up could be confirmed as being a DHCP address.
Those that don't match would have a very high probability of being static.
Slitheries/NEWT shows these results in the GUI... a column title DHCP Address and show "YES" for matches?
And NEWT Pro would also give you some more information about the NIC as well, such as MTU, etc.

Are you saying to some how allow a user to enter active leases themselves?  I don't think there's a practical way to pull this info automatically.  Maybe we're not quite understanding.  Could you elaborate a little more on how you'd see this being done?  That would help a lot.
Great to know that this can be found on PCs & Servers via NEWT Pro.  For the situation I am currently facing, it's a couple hundred non-pc/servers that I'd like to know about.

My last suggestion is about comparing a Siltheris Discovery to an output of active DHCP leases that could be obtained from a DHCP server.  If you put the results of each into a database/excel, you could compare IPs and MAC addresses and determine which systems got their IPs via DHCP.
Hi there!  Our deep scanning software, NEWT Pro, will show whether a PC or server is set to DHCP or Static.  Having credentials is the one reliable method, but then you have non-PC devices that would be much more difficult to get the info directly, to the point of it not being worth it.

One could guess which devices are DHCP/static by repeatedly and continuously scanning and determining which devices move to other IPs or stay the same.  This is something we'd like to add in v2.0 since automated/scheduled scanning is planned.  Is that what you meant in your last suggestion?
It would be great if there was a way to identify if a device's IP address was static or DHCP.

Possible process:
Discover a subnet
get a powershell dump of DHCP leases
Compare to identify which active addresses are static vs. dhcp

Thank you very much!  We love hearing it.  Please forgive our delay.

We know exactly what you mean.  One problem with this is that we're able to get multiple pieces of information from a single protocol.  For example, say we can get the OS, MAC Address and Estimated Age of the device at the same time (same port/protocol) and were unable to ask the remote PC port for only one of them.  Then say you didn't want the MAC Address in this scan, but what if it doesn't take any longer to retrieve the MAC Address when you already want the OS?  And I know you mentioned Brand as an example, but if you have a MAC Address, you have a brand or vendor.  You can see how a lot of what we gather is inextricably linked.  We're just not sure how to go about this yet.

There are other complications as well I can't mention here that may prevent us from disabling most info, but that being said, I do know we'll be working to greatly improve the device scan speed and efficiency through a complete re-write.

While re-writing the scan engine, we also plan on adding automated/scheduled scanning.  I'm not sure what we'll do about automated exporting at that time, but we do plan to have everything written to a database.  You'd be able to pull data from that DB as needed with 3rd party tools.

We're currently working on adding much-needed large IP range support as well as a few interface improvements.

Please let us know if you have any other ideas!
Slitheris Network Discovery - Feature Requests / Select which fields you want
« Last post by Tribunal on August 07, 2018, 08:55:57 AM »

Love the product. 

Just wondering if a feature can be added to add/remove fields you want returned during the scan.  For example, if I don't want Brand, I'd like to remove it from the results. An even better option would be to stop it from scanning for that information at all if I choose, in the hopes it would speed up the scans.  This would still give me the option to scan for all of the information when I need it. 

Another feature would be scheduling and auto-exporting.  Currently, I can only scan once a quarter because of the time it takes for the scans and the manual exporting and formatting afterwards.  It would be great to be able to schedule the scans (e.g. 1st of every month) and have it dump the report into a network folder (either feature would be fantastic to have individually if both can't be added).


Ok, let's deal with this through email since it's an ongoing issue.  I will email you and we'll get this worked out.
Sorry to inform you:

The bug is still existing.

See attached snapshot (in german language).
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