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You are correct, that is exactly what I'm seeing and it makes sense now!

So our plan for Slitheris branches out in two directions currently.

Branch one is for our network audits.  If we have a potential client contact us for services, we would go onsite and do a network audit (among other things of course) to make sure we quote the correct solution.  Slitheris is wonderful for this, as it gives all of the information I would normally get manually in one pane of glass.  However, I am no longer the only one who does audits, so the portable version was an idea for it (now that I know it's drive locked, this one works perfectly).

Branch two is current customer facing.  Our remote assistance software gives us a toolbox that I can run programs on remote computers from.  This way, I can run portable apps at the click of a button.  This was where we were seeing the licensing issue.  Occasionally we need to audit a company network in the case information isn't lining up between sources. 
Thank you very much!  We have big plans for it!

I think I may know what the problem is.  When we developed the feature to create a licensed portable copy, we wanted to make sure that when customers made licensed copies on USB drives and any drives were lost, those files couldn't simply be copied and uploaded all over the Interwebs by a stranger.  So in order to protect our customers and us, we needed to lock the license to the drive it was created on.  So you should be able to run it from that USB drive on any PC, but not just by copying the files to other drives.  Does that sound like what's going on there?

Also, can you give us more detailed info on how you intend to use it from multiple PCs?

I want to start by saying we absolutely love Slitheris! It works wonders for our network audits.  We have a licensed version, and I made a portable copy of it to run on different machines.  It works fine on my machine (naturally, I made the copy of it :) ), but once I try to run it somewhere else, the license file deletes itself and then it opens in an unlicensed manner. 

Am I doing something wrong or is there a bug?
Understood.  We plan to finally work to add the long-awaited "large IP range" support in December, so we'll see what we can do about showing if SSH or Telnet was detected, in the same upgrade.  The current device scan routine should always probe for SSH and Telnet on devices that aren't easy for Slitheris to determine device type, so there shouldn't need to be an option for it.  Thankfully, we shouldn't need 'beta testing' for such a feature.  But if we do, we have your contact information
Slitheris Network Discovery - Feature Requests / Re: Option to scan for SSH and telnet
« Last post by Davidh on November 28, 2018, 11:51:25 PM »
At the moment I was thinking that just noting if there was ssh or telnet access would be good, as it would allow me to distinguish between a Cisco VoIP and a switch for the most part, but then I found out that SG (Cisco small business) switches have only http enabled and ssh and telnet is disabled  ???
Thanks David!  We actually scan telnet and SSH now, but only internally to determine device type.  However, as you've found, that's a bit lacking right now in v1.1 because it's mainly hardcoded.  We plan to tackle real device identification in the next major version.

We may be able to provide something useful before then.  Are you simply wanting to know if Slitheris found that Telnet or SSH exists on the device or something more detailed?
Slitheris Network Discovery - Feature Requests / Option to scan for SSH and telnet
« Last post by Davidh on November 21, 2018, 09:59:58 PM »
Lately I had to do a lot of quick scans for network equipment remotely (to make sure there were no switches creating loops and so on)
In one location I realized that with a lot of Cisco phones it was tough to tell apart a phone and a switch.
If we had the option to turn on for scan on ssh and telnet access (it already scans for http and https) it would help identified the devices.

It shouldn't be an option always on because it might increase scan time, but it could be something to add as an option to the scan
Apologies for the delay!

We found this idea very interesting and we'll definitely keep it in mind when we get to that point.  There are so many other issues we need to tackle, it may be some time before we're ready to delve into this much further.  It is a really good idea though.  Thank you!
Export DHCP leases through a powershell command:

Here's how I see it working:
Complete a subnet scan in Slitheris (or maybe this is better for NEWT given current capabilities)
Slitheris/NEWT send a remote powershell command to the DHCP server to export the DHCP leases from the same scope.
Slitheries/NEWT imports those leases into the Slitheris/NEWT database
Slitheries/NEWT compares the MAC/IP address info discovered by Slitheris/NEWT to the MAC/IP info from the DHCP Server
The items that match up could be confirmed as being a DHCP address.
Those that don't match would have a very high probability of being static.
Slitheries/NEWT shows these results in the GUI... a column title DHCP Address and show "YES" for matches?
And NEWT Pro would also give you some more information about the NIC as well, such as MTU, etc.

Are you saying to some how allow a user to enter active leases themselves?  I don't think there's a practical way to pull this info automatically.  Maybe we're not quite understanding.  Could you elaborate a little more on how you'd see this being done?  That would help a lot.
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