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Again, we humbly apologize about this issue.  We try to be as bug-free as possible, but we are only at v1.1.  That's not meant to be an excuse, but it is just a step above v1.0, our first release.  We hope the reason you purchased it was because Slitheris does some things no other software can.  It's just very new and we're doing everything we can to make it as reliable as possible.  Please be patient with us and I think you'll come to like our support.  And just so you know, we have some exciting things planned for v2.0!

Bit of a bummer. Look forward to hearing from you.

We are very sorry to hear this.  Unfortunately there is no way for us to finish the abort for you, however we do have a pre-release that never disables the CSV export, even during the scan.  That way, in case there is a stall or other similar issue, you should always be able to export the CSV.  This should allow a workaround until we can get this issue fixed.  We will contact you right away with a link.

We've completed a complete series of scans across our networks. Three of these networks have individual devices that have been stuck on "Scanning" for 24 hours. We then tried to export the results and we suspect due to these network still being listed as "Scanning" the option is greyed out. I then clicked the "Abort" button and the devices are now listed as "Aborting..." and have been for six hours, however we are still unable to export to CSV.

I would rather not have to scan 97 separate networks again, is there any way to finalise the abort so we can export these results?

Thank you very much for this!  Praise like this goes a long we to increase morale here.  Our goal the rest of this year is to greatly improve the scan speed and accuracy of device type identification.  As you may know, we plan to detect more than just switches, routers, printers, PCs and servers.  It's very difficult to do, so we definitely have our work cut out for us.

After an upcoming maintenance release, we plan to start work on a much faster ping sweep system, with large IP range support and a number of other unique and useful features we can't yet announce.
Slitheris Network Discovery - Support & General Discussion / Re: Licensing
« Last post by Komodo Support on July 07, 2017, 10:40:47 PM »
Thanks for the kind words!

As long as you're installing under the same roof and no more than a few are using it at once, you can install it on multiple PCs and servers without needing to move the license.  The license includes 3 user seats, so you can have up to 3 people using at a time.  Although we wouldn't recommend scanning the same network from 2 or more Slitheris scanners at the same time.
Slitheris Network Discovery - Support & General Discussion / Licensing
« Last post by crown on July 07, 2017, 05:12:23 AM »
Hi, great product first up.

Question on licensing though, are we able to 'move' the license around as needed. By this I mean can we install on a PC and then run some scans and then move the install to say a different PC or even server. Our environment is quite large and of course firewalls between different segments which makes scanning all of our IP ranges a bit difficult.

Just wanted to say thank you for making such an incredible tool.

I use it almost every day.  I'm in the process (now in it's second year) of documenting a network with 1000's of devices connected to 100s of switches across 35+ IDFs in 5 buildings.  The amount of time it's saved me could never be calculated, but that's not the biggest point.  The real benefit is being able to KNOW what's on the network and then respond appropriately.  I've been able to identify countless network issues by finding PCs in VLANs meant for phones, finding IP addresses for security cameras that were "lost" years ago, documenting PC ages, etc etc etc.

I've used an extensive amount of network discovery and monitor tools throughout my career, but this is without a doubt the most valuable from a discovery perspective. 


NEWT Pro Network Inventory - General Discussion / Re: documentation
« Last post by Komodo Support on June 10, 2017, 02:22:34 PM »
Sure.  The manual is available from the Help menu in the software, but if you want the PDF version, it can be found here:

NEWT Pro Network Inventory - General Discussion / Re: documentation
« Last post by bjr on June 08, 2017, 07:16:21 PM »
yes, I need the manual as well. how do I send my email address? bjr
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