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Slitheris Network Discovery - Support & General Discussion / Licensing
« Last post by crown on July 07, 2017, 02:12:23 AM »
Hi, great product first up.

Question on licensing though, are we able to 'move' the license around as needed. By this I mean can we install on a PC and then run some scans and then move the install to say a different PC or even server. Our environment is quite large and of course firewalls between different segments which makes scanning all of our IP ranges a bit difficult.

Just wanted to say thank you for making such an incredible tool.

I use it almost every day.  I'm in the process (now in it's second year) of documenting a network with 1000's of devices connected to 100s of switches across 35+ IDFs in 5 buildings.  The amount of time it's saved me could never be calculated, but that's not the biggest point.  The real benefit is being able to KNOW what's on the network and then respond appropriately.  I've been able to identify countless network issues by finding PCs in VLANs meant for phones, finding IP addresses for security cameras that were "lost" years ago, documenting PC ages, etc etc etc.

I've used an extensive amount of network discovery and monitor tools throughout my career, but this is without a doubt the most valuable from a discovery perspective. 


NEWT Pro Network Inventory - General Discussion / Re: documentation
« Last post by Komodo Support on June 10, 2017, 11:22:34 AM »
Sure.  The manual is available from the Help menu in the software, but if you want the PDF version, it can be found here:

NEWT Pro Network Inventory - General Discussion / Re: documentation
« Last post by bjr on June 08, 2017, 04:16:21 PM »
yes, I need the manual as well. how do I send my email address? bjr
Hi David.  We will look into adding an IP exclusion feature soon.  In the meantime, perhaps we could avoid setting off the security alert by not accessing certain ports on APC devices.  We had performed some initial testing a while back and the issue seemed to be Slitheris accessing the UPS's web GUI, but it may be both web and SNMP.
Slitheris Network Discovery - Feature Requests / Add exclusion IP/range
« Last post by Davidh on May 25, 2017, 04:16:03 PM »
I have a few APC UPS with the management card. They have SNMP enabled, but also restricted to IP address.
Can we add a feature to exclude specific IP? The reason is that every time I run a scan I get about 30 notifications from the UPS
Great.  For NEWT to get the PC Name in these cases, you'll need admin rights.  However we're working on technology that detects the Name from many different places on the remote PC/server with no rights whatsoever.

We'll contact you through your sign-up email as soon as we have something.  Please be patient, but we should have something for you by Monday the 29th. Correction: Rescheduled for Tuesday the 30th as Monday is our Memorial Day.
We very much apologize for the delay.  To do this, you currently need to export everything as an MS Access database.  Then open it in Access and create a query.  Obviously this requires some Access experience.  We want to add this feature in NEWT Pro, but some other improvements are ahead of it.
Sure, happy to test the functionality once in pre-release state.

One thing that also would be nice to have is to add Host Name to "Machine Details" view:

When I double click on a machine to view its details, I have the machine name or IP address in "Machine Name" field in top left corner of the window. If its is an IP address, then there is no way to know what the "host name" is (or at least I can't find it - might be that I am blind ha ha). So even though I can see most information that I need - I still need to go back to main scan window, and look for host name.

Of course if the scanning technology will be improved and Machine Name in NEWT will always show computer name - then above issue will be resolved as well :)

Hello everyone!  Great news.  We just added a new feature Slitheris Network Discovery to scan your networked PCs and Servers for the WannaCry (aka WannaCrypt, WannaCryptor) vulnerability by detecting the WannaCry MS17-010 update patch.  It does this by talking directly to the SMB protocol and it does it with no credentials whatsoever.  This makes it the easiest way to make sure your systems are updated against this and other malware using NSA's leaked EternalBlue exploit.

Scan your network for the WannaCry vulnerability today for free!

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