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Some Questions
« on: April 04, 2008, 09:58:28 AM »
Hey Komodo Labs,

After a periode of testing NEWT 1.0, we just purchased 2.5 build 62.

After a day or so of scanning, the next couple of questions arose:
- In NEWT 1.0 it was possible to scan the entire domain by selecting the domain in the network browser and clicking the Scan (domain) button. In 2.5, although the application switches to the Scan Status Tab, the scan never starts. Is this by Design, a known bug or am I simply doing something wrong?

- We purchased 1 license for 500 nodes. Can we use this License on multiple PCs, because every Workstation is able of scanning just this 500 machines?

The thought behind this is that multiple people can import the latest .mrf file in their own instance of NEWT, for analysis purposes.

- When the question above should have a negative reply, I am planning on building my own mrf viewer, where the entire company can query the latest scanresults. (kind of like the way your \'Export All to Microsoft Access\' option works, but then in the DB of our choice)

My question regarding this: Is the format of the .mrf always the same? In other words, are the \'x_Tab\' codes always in the same order?

That\'s it for my questions. I will leave you with the comment that I really love your application! Keep up the good work!!

Stephan Spelde

Komodo Support

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Some Questions
« Reply #1 on: April 04, 2008, 06:24:41 PM »
Hello Stephan.  Thank you very much for your purchase!

Yes, we have confirmed this is currently a minor bug in 2.5, where you can\'t just select the domain name and scan, but we are working on it.  For now you\'ll need to select the machines using shift-select, then click Scan.  We do apologize for this and will email you when this is fixed.

The delimiters and fields in the MRF\'s are always in the same order, but again, this format is planned to be phased out.

You are allowed to install Newt on a few different machines for your IT people, as long as it\'s under the same roof and it\'s for the same network.

Thank you also for the compliment.  Expect to see some great improvements over the year!