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Author Topic: Tell me more about it  (Read 13444 times)


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Tell me more about it
« on: March 06, 2009, 10:43:50 AM »
Hi all, wow what a powerful program!

Looking around I can\'t find a manual and have read posts saying there isn\'t one available just now? :o

I initially had this recommended to me from a need to backup OS system keys for remote admin and support sessions.

I see Komodo Newt can do far more, however there is little I\'ve seen about the simple things, like who it is aimed at and what it\'s benefits are?

Naturally I presume it\'s for network admins?

Can you remotely connect to a machine?
How do you add a IP address?

Pooling data from a remote machine is a very cool very powerful tool (support, surveillance, data-capture/mining implications).

But what else does it do? Please provide a few snippets and then I\'ll start researching/reading.

Many thanks.

Komodo Support

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Tell me more about it
« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2009, 02:56:25 AM »
Hi there.  Thank you very much.  The manual is actually located under the Help menu (Help Topics).

Yes, our software is primarily aimed at network admins, and as long as you have administrator access to remote machines (access to \\\\ComputerName\\ADMIN$ share), you should be able to scan remotely just like you do on your local computer.

I\'m not sure what you mean by how to add an IP address.  Can you explain this a little more?

NEWT is network inventory software designed to gather useful info from remote computers.  It has many uses, including finding what software is installed, how much RAM each machine has, so you can determine upgrades, showing hard drive health so you can see if there are any drives that are about to fail, etc.  There are countless uses and each user has their own needs.  Yours happens to be capturing your Windows Product Keys.

Please spread the word!