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Author Topic: Numerous \"Host is Unreachable\" Errors  (Read 4908 times)


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Numerous \"Host is Unreachable\" Errors
« on: May 19, 2010, 10:17:16 AM »
I\'m currently testing NEWT Professional (v2.5 build 155), and seem to be hitting the same error with quite a few PCs on my network.

The error I am receiving for numerous machines is:

Host *Computer\'s IP Address* is unreachable and may not be powered on, may not be connected to the network at this time or may be firewalled

I have checked on the affected computers and they have have \"File & Print Sharing\" is enabled and allowed in each computer\'s firewall, but still I have this error with 10/25 computers in my office.

All the computers in the office are running either Windows Xp or Windows 7 and are using TrendMicro\'s Client Security Agent for security protection.


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Numerous \"Host is Unreachable\" Errors
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2010, 03:56:11 PM »
Hi there, we\'ll try to help any way we can.

When you see that error on a PC, could you try visiting it from IE or Windows Explorer itself and see what you get.  As in \"\\\\PCName\" (no quotes)?

Also, I\'d like to see what you get when you try pinging one of those PCs by their name from a DOS Command Prompt.