November 30, 2023, 05:44:58 AM

Author Topic: how to avoid scanning printers & network devices - windows only scan (added in v2.5.187)  (Read 4914 times)


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Is there any way to scan for just windows systems (eliminate printers and network devices)?  Even further is there a way to eliminate Server OSs from the search if we just want to scan desktop and laptop systems?

Currently, I\'m running over my license limit (700+) and I only need to scan for desktops and laptops (at least, currently).

I have \"Show live hosts with resolvable hostnames (Windows machines) checked.

Any suggestions?

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The option you\'re using should filter those out, but we are currently working on a new build that should make filtering out non-Windows devices much more reliable.  We\'ll contact you directly soon by email as soon as we have it available.  Hopefully this week.

More scan filtering, for servers, etc. is planned for the future, but there isn\'t a way to do this yet unfortunately.