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Author Topic: MS Office 2013 Pro Plus CD Key reporting incorrectly (fixed in v2.5.279)  (Read 13277 times)


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Hello, I am running NEWT Pro 2.5 build 270. I scan a MS Surface Pro Windows 8.1 and it reports the MS Office Professional Plus CD Key incorrectly. I have read earlier posts about the scan only reporting the last 5 digits - this is not the issue. I am getting all 25 digits (not just the last 5) - but none of them are correct. The last 5 being reported are 27GXM but the correct last 5 should be DRP9K (the first four sets are also incorrect as mentioned earlier).

Any thoughts / ideas?

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Re: MS Office 2013 Pro Plus CD Key reporting incorrectly
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Hi and thank you for telling us about this  We are currently working on this issue, but we'd like to contact you by email if you're interested in possibly helping us fix this particular problem.  If you haven't already received an email from us, please let us know.

Just to be clear, this doesn't affect all Office 2013 installations, but we're working hard to fix the remaining Office key issue.
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