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Author Topic: Multisorting columns in NEWT Pro  (Read 17120 times)

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Multisorting columns in NEWT Pro
« on: February 10, 2004, 03:36:28 AM »
This is an extremely useful feature, giving you the ability to look at your data in a variety of ways.  It\'s currently undocumented, but is being added to our new user manual.

To use multisorting, just hold down one of the qualifiers SHIFT, ALT or CTRL (any one of these) and click on a column you wish to sort by next.   You\'ll then see a number next to each column indicating its sort order.  You can multisort by an unlimited number of columns.

Clicking a column without holding down one of the qualifying keys will re-enable normal single column sorting.

This also works in NEWT Freeware.