NEWT Professional Network Inventory

Primary Tab ThumbnailNEWT Pro is a fast, multi-threaded network inventory application.  While many competitors still have issues with WMI errors or other security, NEWT uses hybrid network scanning techniques to reduce scan errors so you can get the PC inventory you need to get the job done right.  We’ve recently been able to narrow the requirement down to only needing remote ADMIN$ share read/write access. This, combined with the ability to detect with others don’t, such as CPU temperature, hard drive temperature, and the most comprehensive installed software inventory available.

Our software doesn’t stop there.  We also gather other useful information not available in other applications, and continue to look for new ways to make IT network management even easier.

Free for Small Networks under 25 PCs or devices (also known as nodes)

Starting with version 1.0, we allowed small 10 PC networks to use NEWT Professional for free. In 2008 we increased this amount to 25.  Competitors would either not allow the software to work after 30 days, forcing an angry uninstall by the user, while some tried to match our previous free 10 device license.  We’re committed to helping very small business save money and build their companies, in the hopes they’ll remember us and by our software when the time is right.  Our software is never

Free 15 day trial

For organizations with larger networks who wish to try our software on the entire network, as if you owned it for those 15 days.  Please use the following form to request a trial key.  Only organizations and companies are eligible, so please use organizational email addresses.  We never bother potential customers with pushy followup emails, nor do we ever release your information to anyone else.  In fact, we believe we have one of the best privacy policies in the world.

Windows Software Inventory

Accurately detecting installed Windows software is more difficult than it seems.  In the past few years, we’ve made sure that software audits match not only what’s shown in Windows Programs and Features, formerly known as Add/Remove Programs, but we’ve also greatly improved accuracy in other areas. Competing software can have missing install dates, or incorrect dates altogether.  NEWT Professional attempts to prevent this by looking at least 5 different areas to detect the install date, more than any other software we’ve tried.

Network inventory has never been easier. While many competitors rely exclusively on agentless methods crippled by remote registry and WMI misconfiguration issues, slow operation (single threaded) or high bandwidth usage (multithreaded), NEWT® Professional uses a sophisticated light-weight (500KB) client automatically deployed to remote machines without any user intervention, providing a much faster scan of 100 machines in less than 5 minutes. This technique is similar to those employed by DameWare, VNC and other remote administration tools. In combination with our unique “SimulScan” multithreaded technology, NEWT® Professional can act like an agentless solution to the user while having many agent-based benefits. By default, clients remain on machines for a specified number of days for even faster scanning and automatically remove themselves without any user intervention. Zero Footprint options are also available.

On the other hand, many products that do use software agents require hours or even days of set up time, need 2MB or larger footprints or use a lot of bandwidth during deployment. With NEWT® Professional one only needs to pick one or many computers and click the “Scan” button. This method gathers information just minutes after downloading. Once you try it, we doubt you’ll never look back. It’s a true install-and-go solution.

NEWT® Professional Features

  • Robust fully multithreaded IP Discovery provides virtually unlimited number of IP ranges, reliable IP detection and identification of PC and non-PC devices such as network printers, routers through an internal database.
  • NEW multithreaded network inventory methods allow over 200 items to be retrieved accurately from 100 machines in less than 5 minutes from the first installation. Subsequent scans are faster, and Scan Speed settings allow even faster inventory. The unique status display provides satisfying feedback of the scan progress.
  • Extreme low network bandwidth usage- less than 25 kilobytes/sec in each direction, allowing scanning of the slowest WANs.
  • Takes advantage of multiple CPUs and cores to spread out the work during scans.
  • Interface is 100% available during scans, increasing productivity.
  • Clients are updated automatically for new versions. There is no need to ever visit a remote machine.
  • Autonomous removal of clients – all Newt-related files are automatically removed after a specified number of days, even if the machine is removed from the network or moved to another network.
  • NEW! More serial numbers and license keys – The latest version includes support for many Adobe Creative Suite (CS), Photoshop and AutoCAD license keys and serial numbers. Currently CS6 is yet supported, but we’re working on it!
  • More detailed information than agentless systems, such as hard drive temperature, true Internet IP, detailed RAM Slots info, default printer, network adapter connection speed, detailed antivirus info, USB version (1.1/2.0) and more.
  • Custom credentials feature provides a unique username and password for each machine.
  • NEW! Unlimited Default Credentials – Enter as many different usernames and passwords as you like and Newt will try them all on each machine until successful. When Newt finds one that allows access, it remembers by adding that credential to Custom Credentials for that particular machine.
  • Scan only the items you need using scan properties.
  • View all machines at once with a unique tabbed interface, eliminating the need to drill down through data.
  • Conveniently view a single machine with the Detail View.
  • Efficiently explore domains and workgroups, showing operating system and comments in real-time with a Fully integrated Network Browser
  • Count occurrences of any item with a powerful itemization tool.
  • Ability to include machines in the Active Directory.
  • Load Machine lists from simple text files or Add Machines Manually
  • Export data to a fully relational Microsoft Access (MDB), MS Excel, HTML, CSV (Comma Separated Value), or plain fixed-spaced text files.
  • Time Elapsed and Estimated Time Remaining displayed during scans.
  • Tab Manager allows quick and easy manipulation and access to columnar data.
  • Perfect for network consultants who don’t have time to set up solutions taking hours or days.
  • At less than a 5MB download, NEWT® Pro is extremely lightweight.
  • No reboot necessary after install.
  • Compatible with all NT-based operating systems, including Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 Pro, Windows XP Pro, Windows Media Center, Windows 2003, Windows Vista and Windows 7, Windows 8. All flavors of Windows Server are also supported, as well as Vista Basic and Home and Windows 7 Home, and all flavors of Windows 8 and 8.1.. Windows XP Home and Windows 98/ME are currently not supported.
  • One-time purchase – there are no leasing or rental fees. Once purchased, your organization owns that particular version for life. *
  • Technical support is free for the first year, upgrades are free forever.

Network Inventory

* Does not include yearly technical Support Maintenance agreements. Support is free for the first year and yearly support agreements are subject to a 10% charge of the current retail price.