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Slitheris Network Scanner™ v1.0!

Introducing Slitheris Network Scanner v1.0 by Komodo Labs! Click here for screenshot. It’s finally here!  Today, after 2 years of intense research and development, Komodo Labs introduces a powerful new fully-multithreaded advanced IP scanner called Slitheris! Thousands of man hours have been spent to find the best scanning techniques available, like network discovery of those ‘hidden gems’; unpingable network read more…

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Slitheris Network Scanner

A new advanced IP scanner from Komodo Labs!

  • Find Unpingable Network Devices
    Go Beyond Ping Sweeps With ARP Pings & IP Probes
  • Operating System Fingerprinting
    Detect Windows, Linux, iOS , Android and More
  • Device Type Identification Hints
    New Experimental Device Type Detection
  • Better Device Name Detection
    More Device Names Means Less Empty Space
  • 100% Free IP Scanner Included!
    Best results of any free network scanner!
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Compatible with all major Windows Operating Systems
* To discourage anti-virus companies from classifying Slitheris as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) and to reduce malicious use, Internet ipscans are prohibited by default. However, organizations with a legitimate need to scan public Internet IP ranges may request a special license for specific IP blocks.
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