About Us

Founded in Burbank, California, Komodo Labs has been dedicated to providing feature-rich enterprise software to network administrators and IT Professionals worldwide since 2001. The company was relocated to Springboro, Ohio in the spring of 2005.

Our commitment to develop and deliver reliable IT solutions, combined with unmatched customer service and support, enables organizations of all sizes to lower their Total Cost of Ownership and maximize their Return on Investment.

Komodo Laboratories is privately held and currently headquartered in Springboro, Ohio, U.S.A.
Over 90% of all our development is done in the United States of America.


Attention U.S. customers:
Buyers should be aware of a deceptive practice used by some software companies. While it's believed a customer is purchasing from a U.S. company, they may in fact be buying from one in a whole other country. These companies have U.S. phone numbers, addresses and even use American-sounding names to make customers believe they're American, but actually use something called a virtual office, usually in a large city such as New York, Seattle, etc.
Their employees, development, tech. support and ownership are all overseas. They do this for fear of fewer U.S. sales if they're not seen as being in the U.S. So while it's thought you're supporting the U.S. by buying American, these companies pay no U.S. taxes (no tax ID, try asking for a W9) and contribute almost nothing to the U.S. economy. Performing a simple Google search of their street address can usually reveal virtual offices being shared by other companies at the same address.

International commerce and competition is welcome, but lying to the public is not.


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