Our Privacy Policy
(the best privacy policy on the planet)

Komodo Laboratories never shares your information with 3rd parties, ever. We hate spam in all forms and detest bothering both current and potential customers. We never follow up with a phone call unless asked, and your email and postal address are never put on any mailing list, ours or otherwise. If fact, we hate spam so much, we have no mailing lists of any kind.

Credit card and some bank transfer orders are handled by our secure online payment processor, Element 5. This is the only time your information is seen by another company. They are instructed never to contact the user unless there's a payment issue.

All files sent to Komodo Labs technical support are seen by top-level staff only and held in the strictest confidence. Any and all proprietary data is stripped before analyzed by our software engineers. Original files are held in a single, secured location and are not backed up or copied.