Service and Support

At Komodo Laboratories, we strive to offer the best support in the industry. All support matters, whether they're before or after the sale, are very important to us.

Many of our users are self-motivated individuals and like to research answers to their questions. Therefore we always have and always will provide public support forums for these users and for general discussion. They are closely monitored by our staff, but we welcome all users to participate in helping others.

If forums aren't for you or you prefer one-on-one support, please contact

Whether posting in the forums or emailing us directly, you will always receive courteous replies as quickly as possible. Responses are given almost always within 24 hours, but we make every effort to reply the same day. Since we're located in the eastern U.S.A., time differences may prevent same-day replies to other time zones.

Please do not write to both email and the forums for the same issue or send the same email to multiple email addresses hoping to receive a quicker reply. Doing so will only ensure delays as well as duplicate work for our staff. All email addresses are checked several times a day and receive the same prompt attention. We appreciate your cooperation in helping to make your support more efficient.